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 City Solicitor

Solicitor      M Apfelbaum
Apfelbaum Law Offices
43 S. Fifth St.
Sunbury, PA 17801
Tel: 570-286-9421
Michael M. Apfelbaum
The City Solicitor is an attorney responsble for overseeng the legal matters of all City departments.  As solicitor, he prepares all bonds, obligations, contracts, leases, conveyances and assurances that the City is party to as the result of resolution or ordinance, and has the responsibility to commence and prosecute all suits and actions brought by the city and to defend the City against any suits brought against it. 
The Solicitor is also charged with furnishing the Mayor, Council and any other elected City officials with written opinions on any legal matter pertaining to the City submitted to that office by these elected officers. 
In other words, the Solicitor is the legal "hired gun" in any legal matters that come up and impact the City Government.