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 Historic Architectural Review Board

The City has an appointed Historic and Architectural Review Board (HARB) in accordance with the State Historic District Act of June 13, 1961, which enables the designation of Historic Districts in Pennsylvania.


The City has an official Historic District which is "overlaid" on the Zoning District map. The HARB reviews all exterior building changes, additions, new construction, demolition, and signs within the designated Historic District. All plans for construction and renovation within the Historic District must be reviewed by the HARB and awarded a Certificate of Appropriateness or awarded an exemption by the City Council. 

The Board does not regulate the repainting or color of buildings as long as no other construction is planned.

HARB Members
Mr. Rocky Baer    Chairman  
Mr. Micheal Rhoads 
    Zoning Officer
Ms. Aimee Buehner Ms. Cindy Inkrote
Mr. Preston Ross   Ms. Laurie Johnson
Mr. Dan Strausser
Mr. Ric Reichner City Councel Member 
Mr. Bruce Whipple



The HARB meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the 1st floor conference room at City Hall (except in December)

 Historic Ordinance 1249

Download the document below for the full text of Ordinace 1249, in which the scope of responsibility and authority of the Historic Architectural Review Board is established, and describes how these procedures impact construction and renovation of structures in the City of Sunbury.

Appendices of this ordinance include the Criteria for evaluating applications for Certificates of Appropriateness and the Appropriateness Determination form that would be issued once a project review is complete.

  harb_ordinance_1249.pdf (61 KB)

Historic District Scope of Work Checklist
This Historic District Building Permit Addendum is used to assist both the property owner and the HARB determine the necessity of a full project review and issuance or denial of a Certificate of Appropriateness that is required for construction or remodeling of properties that are within the Sunbury Historic District.

  HARB_Checklist.pdf (14 KB)

Historic District Map Link Click here view/download a map of the Sunbury Historic District