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 Rice Playgrounds

Family time can be well spent when you visit the Rice Playground. Located on South Second Street, this playground comes alive with the sound of children during the day. With a large open area, kids can be found playing tag or having a whiffleball game.
Are you tired of not having anywhere to take the kids? Make the trip on bike or walk... but make the trip.
There will be no supervised staff for 2012.
Please visit other City of Sunbury playgrounds for supervised hours and the summer lunch program.
 Rice Playgrounds  Rice Playgrounds
 Rice Playgrounds  Rice Playgrounds
 Rice Playgrounds Rice Playgrounds 
 Rice Playgrounds Rice Playgrounds 
Rice Playgrounds  
City of Sunbury Playground Rules
    1. All children must have an Emergency Form and General Information Form on file.  These forms can be downloaded here and are also supplied by the playground supervisors.  Completed forms are to be returned to the playground supervisor.
    2. NO foul language.
    3. NO fighting.
    4. NO spitting.
    5. NO throwing stones, sticks, etc.
    6. Shoes must be worn at all times.
    7. You are responsible for what you get out. Put it back if you get it out.
    8. NO bike riding inside the fenced area.


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